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acne resort 2011

i'm really feeling acne's resort collection. pulling inspiration from sam wagstaff, it's a great expression of bohemian chic... exactly what i want to wear this summer.

see the whole look book at refinery 29


let's run away together

every time i see you, it's like the first...

nicolas kirkwood + rodarte = pure love

VIA: Fashion Copious


r.i.p. louise bourgeois

bourgeous continued “to work in an incredible variety of media, not just sculpture, but painting and drawing, installation art — she even recorded a rap cd" from the san francisco sentinel

i love her...

1. photo by allen finkelman 2. photo by raimon ramis 3. from sf sentinel 4. courtesy cheim & read 5. photo by annie leibovitz


tea time

LOVE this... don't know where it's from.


photo from here. i just discovered this site this weekend and i like...

i had a minor surgery last week and i'm happy to be on the mend. instead of pool parties and bbqs this weekend i've read a lot, cleaned up and organized my closet a bit, done a few crafty projects, sketched, browsed ebay for days it seems and general at home sick kind of stuff. i never have down time like this and i have to say that considering the circumstances, it has been a good recharge after a busy spring...


speaking of black gardens

i just ordered this gorgeous double onyx helleborus for my future garden. for now, i'll hoard all of my black plants in containers around my apartment and be satisfied creating beautiful landscapes for others (did i tell you, i run a landscape and floral design studio with my sister?).

anyways, in perfect me fashion, i rushed off to the west side at rush hour after work yesterday to catch the tail end of the row's annual sample sale. i was ready to fight for a pair of their motorcycle pants. too bad i was exactly 24 hours late. i had marked it wrong on my calender... boo. so to make up for my loss, i hit up refinery 29's east/west sale at space 15 twenty. it was jampacked, but i came out with 2 pieces. i'll take photos to share.